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What sets us apart? (It’s a big list)

Creating magical moments that ever last is our mission!

So yes, we use  only top quality materials, supply delicious food, select the best venues, and hire fabulous professionals. All of that is important, yes! But what also really sets us apart?  Top of the list: our steadfast creativity, even when working with budgetary constraints. We’re resourceful and flexible!

Next up: that thing you can’t do without: professionalism. We promise you the reliability and dependability it takes to ensure that your child will treasure the memory of his Special Day.
Creative, flexible, personal: that’s The Party Fairy watchwords. That’s our secret recipe.

When we execute, we execute flawlessly. Why? Well, no one wants a hit-or-miss event, not you, not your little one, and not your guests. There’s nothing worse than an event that looks thrown together. Everything has to work seamlessly together and we see to it that it does.

In lots of ways, throwing a great party is like putting on a show: Your guests, young and old, should enjoy the glitz, the good vibes, the special moments, while behind the scenes, The Party Fairy is all about getting the job done, come what may!

You might say that our secret is our special fairy dust!

Safety first => Our Top Priority

Being professional means always making the safety of those attending our parties our number 1 priority. Each of our contractors is thoroughly screened, and in possession of a certificate of conduct issued by the Dutch authorities.

And one can never be too careful when it comes to allergies. That’s why we always check whether anyone attending has any  known allergy and we adjust the menu accordingly.

When it comes to safety, there can be no compromise.